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Latest Obsession: Givenchy Pandora Box Chain Leather Shoulder Bag in Pink


My all-time favourite brand has to definitely be Givenchy, especially under Riccardo Tisci’s creative direction. I have a few Givenchy investments myself but one bag I have my eye on is the Pandora Box Chain Leather Shoulder Bag in Pink from the F/W ’15 collection.

I first saw Kylie Jenner wearing it to the “Paper Towns” premiere, and I actually don’t mind the blush pink hue. Its extremely subtle, to the point where it could almost pass as nude. I love the modern take on the original Pandora box, since it’s been finished with a gold chain and in a new colour.

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I decided to take a physical look at it, so I went to the Givenchy store in Central Embassy in Bangkok and they surprisingly had it there, since they have limited stock. I nearly flipped out when I heard the price and it’s even more expensive in Thailand because of luxury import tax.

The unnecessary hefty price tag is: £1445 (£1660 in Bangkok). The price matches up with the Celine Luggage Nano’s. The original mini Pandora box bags go for around £1000 which is a huge difference in price. The funny thing is the original models are bigger and more practical!


It’s honestly such a beautiful bag, but for right now, I’ll just be admiring it from a distance!

Photos by Lane Crawford and Kylie Jenner

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