My name is Jimmy Cumming and I’m a student based in London, on my first year at the London College of Fashion studying Fashion Management. I’ve just moved over from my home for 18 years, Phuket in Thailand and this is a huge culture shock going from a small tropical island to a loud eclectic city.

Welcome to the world of “Life of Kalliste”, your guide towards the best in fashion, food and travel where I have collected moments that are derived from my experiences around the world. This is where I will post a range of content, whether its my outfit of the day in London or to recommend a restaurant from last summer in Los Angeles.

The meaning behind the name “Life of Kalliste” was through my love of travel and my favourite place in the world: Santorini, Greece. According to local tradition, the island of Santorini was first called Kalliste, meaning “the most beautiful”. Kalliste is the female for the best, while kallistos is the male and Greeks usually gave islands female names.

To translate the name of the blog, it means “life of the most beautiful”. I will be putting up posts that are authentic and what I consider to be the best in my eyes. I will be talking about things I am so deeply passionate about and the purpose of this blog is to recommend and inspire people by sharing my life experiences through three things: fashion, food and travel.